Broke But Making Films

Dispatches From The Frontline Of Guerilla Cinema


BROKE BUT MAKING FILMS is original, unique, independent, critically acclaimed and award winning cinema.

Created by Director Greg Hall as a brand, production company and self distributing platform from 2008 till 2013 it operated as an umbrella for his work alongside Paul Marlon (Actor, Writer) and Becky Finlay-Hall (Theatre Practitioner, Producer, Actor).

BBMF pioneered some of the most cutting edge no-budget cinema to emerge from the British underground of independent film including feature films COMMUNION (2013), The Plague (2004), Kapital (2007), SSDD: Same Shit Different Day (2010) and short film BRUISED (2012).

In 2013 Greg Hall wrapped up the name. But he is still directing films and you can follow him on twitter, youtube, vimeo, instagram and google+.

**Purchase the BBMF back catalogue in the shop** Rent Online on Vimeo**

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